Saturday, October 18, 2008

He's nuts.....for peanuts!

Dennis absolutely has to have peanuts around to snack on......long before I met him he was buying 25 pound boxes of shelled peanuts so that he always had them around. These peanuts are so delicious the way he roasts them!

When he gets them home he separates them into zip top bags and puts them in the freezer. As he runs out of peanuts, we make a new batch.....and that's what we did last night at 11 o'clock!!

The only ingredients you need are the peanuts, peanut oil and popcorn salt (don't buy the flavored kind!). He spreads the peanuts out on a baking sheet and pours enough of the oil to coat them. Then he sprinkles on the salt and mixes them all up...then bakes them in the oven at 350 degrees for 18 minutes.

Once they come out of the oven, he pours them into a paper grocery bag so it will soak up the excess oil.....when they're cool they go back into the zip top baggy for future snacking. They're delicious!

I just realized I didn't have a picture of the finished peanuts and headed to the kitchen to get I walked into the living room, what do I see???? Dennis........eating peanuts!

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