Friday, October 3, 2008

Chicken Again???

What is it with guys?? They ask what you're making for dinner, and when you tell them chicken, it's the same response! We haven't had chicken in over a week! You know, there aren't that many meat types that you can go for much longer without having chicken! There's pork, beef, seafood, veal (and how often do we eat that?) and chicken!

Well, that's what we're having....and I remembered (miracle!) an old recipe that I haven't made in years! Well, it's not really a recipe, it's a technique....well sort goes:

I went to Harris Teeter this afternoon and whole chickens were 59 cents a pound! I grabbed a couple because they're great to have on hand for soups......and baked chicken! Remembering that I had a few fresh herbs in the fridge that weren't going to make it much longer I decided to throw them all in my mini-processor, along with 5 strips of bacon, and onion. The herbs I used were thyme, rosemary, chives, basil and garlic (technically not an herb).

I ground it all up into a paste......yep, it's a gooey paste. Then I lifted the skin from the top of the chicken and stuffed it all in. You just have to carefully run your hands up under the lifts very easily. After you put all of the paste in, just use your hands on top to spread it around evenly. You might need to use your hands to poke it up into the leg area. Then I put the rest of the herbs inside, with a few cloves of garlic and put it in the oven to bake!

Well, here's the finished was delicious! Keep in mind that you don't really need all of the ingredients to make this.....if you just have bacon, onion and garlic, it's a go!

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