Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Here it is............

I guess blogging that she was a "slacker" at getting the Cabin Chicken Chili recipe to me worked! I received an email from her this morning at 9:09 AM....I'm guessing she read the blog at 9:05 AM~ Here's her email:

Ok Here it is…… Ta…da……

Melinda’s Cabin Chicken Chili:
I promise you will fight over the last spoon full… it’s that good J

2-3 lbs of skinless boneless chicken thighs (cut up in to 1 inch pieces with a scissor)
3 tablespoons of chili powder
4 tablespoons of cumin
One large bottle of mild salsa (or 2-3 med size bottles)
2 (small 8-10 ozs) cans of chicken stock
2 cans red kidney beans (drained but not rinsed)
2 cans Negro black beans (drained but not rinsed)
1 large stock pot (the kind you boil pasta in)

Once you have cut up the chicken thighs sauté the meat in 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil on medium heat
Add the chili powder and cumin while sautéing the chicken thigh meat and stir frequently so the chicken does not stick to the bottom of the pot.

Once the chicken is partially cooked add in your remaining ingredients, bring to a boil and let cook for an additional hour on medium –low heat, and then serve with corn bread (see recipe below)

If you like the taste of cilantro and lime, cut up fresh cilantro and sprinkle on top of the chicken chili in individual bowls and then squeeze 1/8th of a lime into the chili in individual bowls (yum-yum)
You can add some hot sauce too, it doesn’t need to be added when cooking (the taste doesn’t change)
Makes enough for 6-8 people

To serve a bunch (like up at the cabin) just double triple or quadruple the ingredients- it last in the frig for up to a week and can be frozen for up to 6 months (don’t be surprised if it thickens, I personally like it best the second day when it has thickened more!

Brad’s Smack Your Lips Corn Bread

One box corn bread mix- follow the directions on the side of the box
In place of the liquid in the directions, substitute a can of creamed corn, bake as directed ( in a 9inch pan or individual cup cake papers and a muffin pan) Serve hot, some like breaking up the corn bread into the chicken chili, I love it with a little butter melting on top… to each his own…

Bon Appétit mes Amie!! Love to all Melin

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