Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Let's get cooking!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! If you ask me, the day before Thanksgiving is more work than the day of......running around to get last minute ingredients and trying to get everything organized so that the cooking will go smoothly. The day of is a piece of cake! It's just cooking!
But some of the cooking actually does start the day before. In fact this recipe must be started at least 24 hours before! This year we're sharing Thanksgiving at Melinda's house, so I don't get to make everything I normally make, but I'll share the making of the things I am cooking....or not in Cranberry Relish! No cooking is involved there!
I grew up eating the jellied cranberry sauce and had absolutely no idea that the real thing could be so much more delicious....then Diana Brown moved here from Detroit and her mother opened up my culinary world. She cooked things we didn't really make here in Virginia and one of the first I tasted was her Cranberry's been at my table ever since. It's really simple.....
I took 2 bags of fresh cranberries and chopped them up in the food processor.Then I added the juice of one juicy orange (or two not so juicy oranges)
and 1/2 cup of granulated sugar. I processed the mixture until everything was fine and chopped evenly.
Put into a covered contained and set in the the sugar and orange juice reduce the bitterness of the cranberries, you may need to adjust the sugar. I usually save about a half cup of cranberries, just in case I got it a little too sweet. You never can tell....depends on the sweetness of the cranberries you're using.
Well, I have to get up and get moving.......I'll be back later with more Thanksgiving Prep though, ok? See you later!

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Megan My Dear said...

I learned this recipe at church when I was 4 and have been making it for my family every year since!